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Rosan Gompers is an organizational strategist, work concept developer, innovator, trend watcher, change maker and author. Rosan explores relevant trends and knows how to value, analyse and synthesize our future needs. She translates trends into scenarios and clear options for her clients and advises on changes in behaviour, lifestyles and new ways of working. Rosan helps organizations to get to the next level, when necessary together with the specialists in her network. Rosan has extensive experience as a speaker, change agent, entrepreneur and is socially engaged.

Rosan started her career as a consultant at Quint where she also got acquainted with entrepreneurship; she became a partner at Quint in 2000. As an organizational sociologist she specialized in organizational culture and organizational change. In 2010 Rosan founded NewCompany Creations as a boutique consultancy label. She now applies her extensive expertise within the interesting domain of workplace strategy, new ways of working and focuses on future scenario’s.

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Rosan shares her expertise and experience in podcasts, on radio and TV, in articles and professional magazines. She also works as a moderator and facilitator. Interested in a talk or chat with Rosan?
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Curious about the way we work, live and move in the city of the future? Interested in future-scenario’s? Do you want to know more about the future office, inspiring work environments, changing work- and lifestyle patterns or looking for ways to get ready for new generations in the workplace?
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