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Trend Talks & Forecasts

In dept insight into the latest trends and future scenario’s regarding the future of work? Looking for inspiration and strategic foresight to support decision making on workplace strategy, work culture, facility management or people management challenges? Interested in a keynote at your event or seminar? In her talks Rosan will share future scenario’s and hands on ideas and experiences on a broad variety of topics concerning the future of work.

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Trendtalk 2023, updates & facts
Gen Z & the future of work, get ready
The future office
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Workplace Strategy

Redesigning or modifying a work environment, office or coworking space requires a good workplace strategy and a clear and broad view of the future. A good workplace strategy requires collaboration between different disciplines such as strategy making, HR, marketing, IT and facility management. Rosan bridges the gap between these various areas of knowledge and filters the relevant market developments for your organization.

A future-proof workplace strategy
A clear vision on hybrid working
The physical, digital and mental work environment
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Concept Development

Thinking out of the box, seeing new possibilities, understanding the zeitgeist and fathoming trends while understanding the target group. Rosan Gompers helps you to create the work- or hospitality concept for your organization, space or building, offers bespoke solutions and designs creative interventions, campaigns and experiences; ‘use my brain power!’

Commercial propositions for coworking spaces
Creative formats and campaigns
Branding and the employee experience
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Change Management

Always in beta, the new change management reality. In the agile organization change is the only constant. In a world filled with disruption and exponential change, organizations and people are constantly challenged. Rosan helps you with a contemporary change strategy that activates colleagues, generates energy in your organization and creates agility. 

Change strategies and change management
Culture and behavioral change
Agility and innovation
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Consulting & Coaching

‘Although I work in the niche of innovation, workplace strategy and organisational development my expertise and project experience is diverse. I invite you to make an appointment if you want to share your thoughts, pick my brain or if you have a specific question about the future of work and organisational change. The role of strategic advisor and sparring partner suits me well.’

Employee journeys and design thinking
Culture and leadership
The why, how and what clearly articulated
Compelling stories & storytelling
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New World of Work

Curious about the way we work, live and move in the city of the future? Interested in future-scenario’s? Do you want to know more about the future office, inspiring work environments, changing work- and lifestyle patterns or looking for ways to get ready for new generations in the workplace?
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