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The New World
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The world of work is changing rapidly. Whether it concerns hybrid working, the digital workplace, the future office, a healthy and sustainable work environment, customized work concepts or your work culture; Rosan Gompers inspires and guides you towards the future of work and helps you to decide on the best future-scenario’s for your organization. Based on profound knowledge, expertise and trend foresight Rosan helps you to create an inspiring vision and strategy, concepts, innovation and change.
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The Future of Work is Now

Is your organization, office and work environment fit for future generations? Rosan Gompers helps corporates, property developers, coworking spaces and scale-ups to create inspiring work environments. Read more about trend talks, workplace strategy, creative concepts, cultural change and staying ahead >>
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Creating a New
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'An attractive and healthy work environment is more important than ever. Happy faces in the office ensure the best results for your clients, brand and organization. Based on my profound expertise, future focused mindset and with an understanding of your business I help you with all topics related to the future of work: How do we work, live and move in future cities and workspaces? How do workplace and culture influence each other? Where is ‘the office’ in the nearby future? I will trigger you with a mix of future vistas, facts and practical examples from my work practice. I look forward to meeting you!'
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Curious about the way we work, live and move in the city of the future? Interested in future-scenario’s? Do you want to know more about the future office, inspiring work environments, changing work- and lifestyle patterns or looking for ways to get ready for new generations in the workplace?
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