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Workplace Strategy

A work environment that suits the ambition on your organisation. A physical work environment where colleagues enjoy working. A seamless environment where smart technology is integrated. A work environment that will still be attractive a few years from now. Redesigning or modifying a work environment, office or coworking space requires a good workplace strategy and a clear and broad view of the future. A good workplace strategy requires collaboration between different disciplines such as strategy making, HR, marketing, IT and facility management. The work environment is a powerful tool and so much more than the workplace. The work environment is storytelling, branding and communication and shows the ambition of the organisation.

Recent cases
The workplace strategy at Zorg en Zekerheid: familiar and innovative

Zorg en Zekerheid’s workplace strategy gives direction and meaning to new ways of working in the healthcare sector. The adjustments in the office are created to stimulate knowledge sharing, innovation and cross-team collaboration. It defines the physical, digital and mental workplace. The work concept is input for the program of requirements, office design and the change plan.

A vision on hybrid working for JLG Lift Equipment and Athora Netherlands

Hybrid working puts different demands on the workplace; from work facilities at home to the usage of the office and the work culture. Effective collaboration, knowledge transfer and staying connected to colleagues are keys for success. Rosan supports various organisations in shaping hybrid working and helps with vision and policies, changes in the workplace, work culture and tailor-made workshops for teams.

Smarter use of office space after merge SURF labels

The merge of SURF’s labels lead to integration of roles and functions, but also to new knowledge areas and innovation themes. The new workplace concept facilitates team integration, knowledge sharing, working together across multiple office locations and ensures better use of the available office space. The renewed workspaces give visibility to the added value of SURF. A reshuffle with impact!

Next step in collaboration for rapidly growing scale-up Secrid

How to maintain an innovative and informal culture in a new and bigger office as a fast growing scale-up? Which work concept suit a creative organisation with young people? Key topics for founders Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt and Rene van Geer of Secrid. Together with the Secrid community we analysed the way of working and the future needs of teams. An effort that not only provided input for the program of requirements, but also ensured commitment for the changes and the new working environment.

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