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‘Although I work in the niche of innovation, workplace strategy and organisational development my expertise and project experience is diverse. I invite you to make an appointment if you want to share your thoughts, pick my brain or if you have a specific question about the future of work and organisational change. The role of strategic advisor and sparring partner suits me well.’

My expertise & experience
Employee journeys and design thinking

Working from a customer or colleague’s perspective begins with thinking from the perspective of the customer or colleagues. Empathy is essential when designing employee or customer journeys. Rosan helps you to design journeys from a ‘human-centered’ state of mind by using design thinking. Create new solutions to existing problems and explore new paths in an inspiring trajectory led by Rosan.

Culture and leadership

The road to cultural change is through leadership. And that doesn’t have to be a top-down route. Rosan helps you to identify the leaders in your organisation and find the trigger points to influence culture. Cultural change often begins and ends with defining (brand) values. Living the values is a matter of consistent change and conscious leadership. Rosan shows you what type of leadership and behaviour encourages movement.

The why, how and what

Providing clear information, inspiration and activation. Sharing practical insight and incentives in a comprehensible language. From a fresh eye Rosan shapes the communication during change projects, usually aimed at the internal organisation, sometimes also directed at external stakeholders or parties in the ecosystem. Communication enforces change and triggers movement.

Compelling stories & storytelling

A good and bright compelling story is the basis for great content, communication and storytelling. The compelling story clearly articulates the why of the change as well as the direction. ‘A clear sense of where to go’ combined with ‘why are we moving?’ Language connects and empowers. Simplicity and getting to the heart of the message creates focus in an era of overwhelm and information overload.

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