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Concept Development

Whether it concerns the design and definition of the work concept for your organisation or a creative intervention or campaign; great concepts start with a vision and original ideas. Thinking out of the box, seeing new possibilities, understanding the zeitgeist and valuing the trends are key for creativity. Rosan connects her vision to suitable solutions for your organisation or target group and creates a tailor-made approach; ‘use my brain power!’

Recent cases
Work concepts

A work concept is the translation of workplace strategy into clear solutions and choices for the physical, digital and mental working environment. Like no other Rosan is capable to create a tailor made and unique work concept to engage colleagues, decision makers and stakeholders with a clear and future proof idea. “Visualise the future; in the work concept we connect space, technology and culture from a clear vision of the future.”

  • Coworking at Impact City’s Apollo 14, De Werkfabriek and The Hague Humanity Hub
    Rosan Gompers was involved in the development of several coworking spaces in The Hague’s former industrial area The Binckhorst. She helped to boost the startup community Impact City in the old KPN headquarters and advised on the coworking proposition for De Werkfabriek and The Hague Humanity Hub.
  • Customer interaction translated to new office concept for Rabobank The Hague Region
    Together with Studio van ‘t Wout architects Rosan designed the renovated office of Rabobank Region The Hague. This involved modernizing the office and renewing a connecting personalized way of working in a sector where interaction is strongly determined by digitalization.
Creative concepts

A campaign, strengthening the brand experience, translating the employee journey to storytelling, setting up a change lab or creating an online magazine. Rosan turns creative ideas into challenging concepts that inspire and stick. Sometimes as part of the change strategy or as an incentive that reinforces the direction of the organisation or your project. “I love to help you turn your idea into a creative concept that triggers.”

  • Creative communication formats and campaigns for ANWB
    As lead Change & Communication Rosan was responsible for the change vision, -strategy and communication formats for the program ANWB Move. ANWB Move reshapes the future of work at ANWB; a new office is developed on a new location. Rosan is responsible for the change to hybrid- and new ways working (behavioral aspects).
  • The brand story of Zorg en Zekerheid translated to the brand experience at the office
    Rosan developed the work concept for Zorg en Zekerheid. Recently The Community Office developed a storytelling concept for the brand experience at the office. Colleagues, customers, and visitors experience how Zorg en Zekerheid contributes to local communities and fulfills its role as a regional health insurer.
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