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Change Management

Always in beta, the new change management reality. In the agile organisation change is the only constant. In a world filled with disruption and exponential change organisations and people are constantly challenged. Rosan helps with a contemporary change strategy that activates colleagues, generates energy and creates agility. Based on years of experience guiding change in large and small organisations Rosan, as a behavioural expert, helps organisations as well as teams and individuals in their transition.

Rosan is a certified coach and expert in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), cultural analysis and leadership development (including Human Synergistics).

Recent cases
A vision that suits ANWB; Change Lab as the basis for movement

In the role of lead Change & Communication Rosan was responsible for the change program ANWB Move; from vision to design to creating organisation wide impact. Experimenting, experiencing and learning are the keys in the new rapidly changing world of work. This mindset is the foundation for the change vision and the ANWB Move Change Lab in which ANWB experiences and develops its future way of working.

Collaboration in an activity based work environment at SURF

Sharing knowledge and staying innovative is at the heart of SURF. Being able to collaborate securely online is of great importance, and that’s not only a matter of tooling but mainly a matter of mindset. In this academic setting with high-tech professionals Rosan guides the change to a culture of online and cross-team knowledge sharing, collaboration and transparency.

Vision on hybrid working for various clients

The shift to mandatory working from home was quickly executed in many organisations. The step ‘back to the office’ and working in a hybrid setting proves to be more challenging for organisations. How do you shape hybrid working and how to you break work patterns structurally? Rosan helps several boards and leaders to fully seize the opportunities of hybrid working.

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